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About Us

Who we are

Requat Advisory Ltd was initially founded by Philipp Requat to manage his personal commitments as an external advisor to businesses and not-for-profits seeking to expand into new international markets, as well as on academic research projects concerned with the governance of global and regional markets. It has since grown into a successful boutique consultancy with physical locations in Edinburgh and Brussels, a service portfolio spanning policy & risk analysis, communications and agency & representation, and a small but highly-qualified staff and network of associates. As a team, we can draw on specialised knowledge across the fields of International Political Economy, International Relations, Social Policy and Business Strategy with a topical emphasis on European Affairs & Regulation. Read more about our expert profiles here


What we do

Above all, we analyse, research and communicate within the company's areas of expertise. Our interdisciplinary and multilingual solutions help clients navigate, evaluate and shape ever-changing policy landscapes and market environments and are trusted by government agencies, media organisations, research bodies and businesses. We have extensive experience in drafting strategy and policy papers; compiling region-, country-, industry- and company reports; designing business and distribution models, writing op-eds, analytical pieces, news wires press releases. We further host workshops and seminars, offer telephone, email and face-to-face consultations and engage with governing authorities, suppliers and customers in selected markets on behalf of clients. Learn more about our services here

Why clients choose us 

Requat Advisory's consulting, research and representation services are usually provided on an ongoing, rather than one-off, basis for a set period of time defined by the client. This way we can amend organisational strategies where necessary as situations develop and accompany the implementation of concrete measures beyond their conceptualisation. We pride ourselves in delivering reliable, clear, unpretentious, affordable and personalised solutions and like to think that this circumstance is reflected in the both diversity and loyalty of our clients, some of whom we have supported continuously for more than 10 years. All of our core policy analysis, research, stakeholder relationship management and content & copy provision services are offered in English and German language. View some of our previous assignments here


Staff and Associate Profils

Our skills, qualifications and experience


Selected projects and collaborations

Client Projects & Collaborations

Requat Advisory Ltd. 

Company Number: SC553392

Roseneath Place 16/12 EH9 1JB Edinburgh, Scotland

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