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Forgot to plan for Brexit? We've got you covered.

Requat Advisory Ltd helps small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) registered in the United Kingdom prepare for the commercial, regulatory and organisational challenges of Brexit. We provide specialised consulting services to clients who want to retain access to the world's largest trading bloc, ranging from political & economic risk analysis to relocation strategies.

Protect your business links to the European Union after Brexit

Requat Advisory Ltd offers two principle types of Brexit consultancy services to help clients reduce political and economic uncertainty created by the result of the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union:

Brexit Reports

Research & Analysis

Drafting of expert-researched reports & strategy papers analysing the implications of Brexit for specific industries and individual organisations. 


Brexit lead Services

Comprehensive advice and support delivered by one of our experts on an ongoing basis for a period of time defined by the client. Working together with Requat Advisory Ltd's international network of partners in consultancy and law, the designated Brexit Lead can also assist clients in implementing relocation and market entry solutions.

While no one can predict the precise outcome of current political turmoil in the United Kingdom and the final shape of its future relationship with the European Union, there are several ways in which you can prepare your business or organisation for Brexit. Contact us today for a free initial consultancy to learn more about how the erection of tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade will affect your European supply chain or access to EU customers and what steps you can take to limit resulting disruption. 

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