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Selected Projects 

European Platform for Investing in Children [EPIC] 

Requat Advisory Ltd. is currently assisting RAND Europe in the drafting of web content and policy memos for the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) of the European Commission. Research activities include summarizing, appraising, and translating research evidence on EU-wide policies and interventions for the promotion of child and family welfare. The final product will be published in print and online by the European Commission to inform the bloc's national governments and policymakers about best practices.

Subject Area(s): Social Policy and Intervention; Child and Family Welfare

Services: Social Research; Evidence Appraisal & Translation; Communications

Oxford DSPI.jpg
Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention, University of Oxford

Requat Advisory Ltd. is contributing to a large systematic review of studies into the psychometrics of child abuse and neglect, based at Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention. Research activities include abstract and full-text screening, the development of a data extraction grid, and the extraction of data from included studies. 

Subject Area(s): Social Policy and Intervention, Child Abuse and Neglect

Services: Systematic Reviewing; Data Extraction and Analysis

School of Social Policy, University of Birmingham

In collaboration with academics at the University of Birmingham and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Requat Advisory Ltd. is conducting a novel systematic review in the field of mass-media-based behavioural interventions, with the ultimate goal of developing a framework for their design, implementation, and evaluation. Research activities thus far include planning and developing a literature review strategy, drafting the scientific background, rationale, and methodology of the review, coding electronic search strings for multiple databases, and producing a protocol for online publication.

Subject Area(s): Social Policy and Intervention; Public health; Behaviour Change Interventions; Health Communication

Services: Systematic Reviewing; Data Analysis & Presentation; Protocol & Report Writing

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International News Agency (White Label)

Requat Advisory Ltd has provided long-term Freelance Germany Correspondence for one of the world's largest news agencies. Building on our in-house expertise in European Affairs & Regulation and multilingual communications services, we conveyed complex information succinctly, clearly and swiftly (~4400 characters/ hour) in English-language coverage of German politics, economics, business, culture, technology and society. A total of 1609 articles written by Requat Advisory Ltd since June 2017 have been published by the client in the course of the project, including brief wire-style items, Op-Eds, and exclusive stories and interviews with senior legislators. Amongst others, we have paid close attention to domestic developments of international relevance surrounding digitalization, climate change, Brexit, automotive industry challenges and the rise of the far-right AfD in German party politics. 

Subject Area(s): European Affairs & Regulation; German Studies; Politics; Economics; Technology

Services: Content Writing; Research; Journalism

University of Edinburgh/ Providence College

Philipp Requat provided research assistance to Dr. Iain Hardie (Edinburgh) and Prof. Sylvia Maxfield (Providence College) in a joint project on the underpinnings and implications of international monetary power held by states. Deliverables included data collection on the Net International Investment Position (NIIP) of the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Japan to examine and analyse their respective experiences of current account adjustment. Additionally, Philipp conducted qualitative and quantitative research into the economic history of sterling pound as a reserve currency and wrote a 15,000 word draft book chapter on the subject. The resulting paper "Atlas constrained: the US external balance sheet and international monetary power' was published by the Review of International Political Economy (2016, vol. 23, no.4).

Subject Area(s): International Political Economy; International Monetary Relations; International Relations

Services: Qualitative & Quantitative Research and Analysis

School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

Philipp Requat assisted Dr. Charlotte Rommerskirchen, Lecturer in International Political Economy at the University of Edinburgh in a study concerned with extent of influence of German ‘stability culture’ over European fiscal policy. Tasks entailed qualitative and quantitative research into European electoral outcomes since 1971. Resulting paper ‘An empirical investigation into the Europeanisation of fiscal policy’ published by Comparative European Politics (2015, vol. 13, no. 4)

Subject Area(s): International Political Economy;  European Economic & Monetary Union (EMU)

Services: Qualitative & Quantitative Research and Analysis


Since 2013, Requat Advisory has assisted and advised BioEnergyProduct Ltd. in relationship that showcases our complementary strengths in agency and consultancy. BioEnergyProduct is an innovative start-up company based in Latvia, which produces an award-winning environmentally friendly one-way grill made of responsibly-sourced alder wood.


As agents, we have helped manoeuvre the retail market, achieve sales and establish distribution networks in Europe. Our efforts witnessed first time purchases of the product by Austrian hypermarket chain bauMax AG (present in 9 countries with 158 retail outlets at the time). We also developed novel marketing strategies for the client, as well as contributing to the product development of BioEnergyProduct's new "Swedish Torch". As of 2019, Requat Advisory is advising BioEnergyProduct on sales to new retail customers in the CEE region. 

Subject Area(s): Foreign market entry; Business Concept Development

Services: Agency; Communications; German to English Translation; Policy, Risk & Strategy Consulting

Pearl Island Projects

Communications, risk and strategy consulting services for Pearl Island Projects Ltd exemplify the scope of Requat Advisory Ltd in the conceptual development of business models, project management, and related marketing materials. Pearl Island Projects was established in Sri Lanka in 2010 with the aim of contributing to the revitalisation of the local tourism industry after years of civil war. The company developed a comprehensive portfolio of real estate projects spanning tourism, gastronomy and commercial real estate with Philipp Requat's assistance who also served as one of its founding directors. In this context, Requat Advisory Ltd undertook extensive market research and analysis, as well as providing all content and copy writing for the attached project folder which was drafted in cooperation with the architectural and design offices of t-hoch-n and renderboys. 

Subject Area(s): Foreign market entry; Business Concept Development; Business Translations

Services: Communications; German to English Translation; Policy, Risk & Strategy Consulting

Other Projects

Ceylon Mining Cooperation

In 2011, Philipp Requat became involved in gemstone-mining. Together with Peter Wiesinger and Navinka Wickramasinghe, several small-scale operations were established under the label of the Ceylon Mining Cooperation in Sri Lanka.


Famed for its precious stones since biblical times, the island remains a major exporter of sapphires. The enterprise was founded with the conviction to introduce unprecedented standards of ecological and social responsibility to this ancient industry. Accordingly, directives were set to refrain from the use of chemical agents and ensure complete re-naturalisation of affected landscapes within one monsoon season. The Ceylon Mining Cooperation became the first outfit in Sri Lanka to pay employees a monthly wage on top of their share in finds, whilst further donating a percentage of profits to local temples. Although mines and sites within the framework have since been integrated into a larger Sri Lankan mining concern, their dedication to these standards persists. Requat Advisory manages Philipp Requat's interests in the industry. As such, we can act as a supplier of Ceylon sapphires of various shapes, colours and quality levels to wholesalers, jewellers and private clients.

Requat Advisory Ltd. 

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